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Move Fusion 8

Move Fusion is a combination of yoga poses, core training, and Hgh Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
It is low-impact, super easy to perform, and works wonders at increasing flexibility and developing strength to help you move throughout your day.
Move Fusion is a great way to help your body recover from hard workouts. It is also a fantastic way to work on reducing lower back pain, or other ailments that can come from poor posture or movement habits.
During the time frames it is run, classes are held 2 x Week, at 6PM, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The upcoming Schedule is as follows: 2018 January, April, June, August, and October
Each 4 week session is $80. or you can drop in for $15 per class.

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 1 month(s)
Attendance: Unlimited classes
Begin Date: Dec 19, 2018
End Date: Jan 1, 2019
Payment Terms
Price: $100.00

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First Installment  $41.94(prorated)

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